Monday, October 5, 2009

Concert in Nashville

I added this all kind of randomly, I promise I'll get better. But here are the pictures to go with my last blog entry. There is a picture of my cute house and also pictures from the conert.

Here are some pictures finally

This is Utah Lake up in Payson Canyon. I went on a drive with a few friends from my ward, it was beautiful!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Being a carrer woman is tough work!

It was a very strange feeling going to lunch with two of our clients. It was quite intimidating as I tried to appear as knowledgeable and mature (despite the fact that I look like I am 17 maybe 18 and I had worked for my company a whopping 2 weeks). They were very nice though and everyone was mortified that we had come to Tennessee and were leaving on Saturday morning before the Tennessee Auburn game. I'm pretty sure there were 10 people that asked if we were staying for the game.

We had a great week though. I thought ok we'll go to work for our 8 hours and then come back to the hotel and go play for a few hours and rel axe. No, not so much. We ended up working 9-10 hour days. We did though eat at some wonderful restaurants. There is nothing better than going to a restaurant and ordering what ever you want and not having to worry about how much it will cost you. You better believe I ordered a drink every time! (Which I usually hold back because I just can't justify it in my head)

We had one day that we actually had time to do stuff. The last day we finished early and had to drive to Nashville to fly out the next morning at 4:00 am. So we decided to do a little touring (at the persistence of our boss) so we went to tour the Grand Ole Opry. It was a lot of fun. We also decided that we would go to a concert there that night. It was so much fun, we got to see Carrie Underwood, Jo Dee Messina, Terri Clark and a few others. It was great nothin better than going to a country concert in Nashville Tennessee!

So have you ever got to experience running/sprinting through an airport? Well I think I've done a fast walk/half jog before but Saturday I got to experience sprinting through the Denver airport. We had a short layover and as we were quickly walking to the terminal over the intercom we heard that our flight was preparing for departure. My co-worker (Heidi) was very anxious to see her husband and I was ready to be home so Heidi start running. I follow after here. Now it was like we just had to run down the hall oh I'm pretty sure it was the opposite end of the airport that we were at. I was so exhausted when we finally made it. Now that I think back it was quite embarrassing but at the time you just want to get on that airplane.

Oh by the way did anyone see my mom, she sang in General Conference Saturday afternoon, she was pretty excited.