Sunday, July 22, 2012

Our House Projects

Here was our first DIY project, we bought a headboard that needed a little tlc, it would be super cute for a little girl but we needed it for our bedroom.

Here is the finished project, we realized in our first project that Ben is more of a perfectionist than I am.  He made us sand forever!  And we didn't have an electric sander so it was all done by hand. 

Our first real house
 This will be our first real house that we will live in.  It was a short sell, we put the offer in in September of 2011 and finally closed on it June 25 2012.  Luckily we have had a place to live in the meantime.  We need to do some trimming and yard work. 

Front Room
Here is the front room before picture.



Sorry I don't know how to rotate the picture let me know if you know how.

 Bathroom in progress
We were going to leave the bathroom linoleum because it actually looked good but then there were some water problems so the bathroom got new tile too.

Kitchen in Progress
We ripped up all the carpet and linoleum.  

Tiling in progress and deciding on paint colors as you can tell .

Tiling still in progress.  This took a lot longer than Ben had planned but I guess most projects do.  

Here is the tiling done without the grout.

Bathroom tiling done!

Grouting the tile.