Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Brady's baby blessing

 It was great to have all our family and friends come to support us for Brady's baby blessing.


 Our little duck
 Ben, Brady, and Great Grandpa O'Neil

More Pictures of our little Brady

 Here are just some cute pictures of our little Brady!

The birth of Brady!

 This is me before we left for the hospital at 5 in the morning, not only was it super early, I didn't sleep at all the night before due to nerves and a horrible cold.
 At 3:00 pm our little surprise entered the world.  Dr. Lowder made me figure out for myself what we had, it was a BOY!  Dr. Lowder also had me pull Brady out once his head and shoulders were out, once he was on my belly, he peed on me.  
 There are my amazing boys!  Ben wanted to fit in with the doctor and nurses so he wore the cute little glasses.
 Dad and Brady
Our new little family!