Saturday, August 4, 2012

Emotional or Moody??

So I feel like I have been super emotional the last week or two but as I was telling that to my sister in law Ben quickly said that I have been moody not emotional.  Thanks dear!  :)  Emotional just sounds more acceptable than moody.  So whatever you want to call it its been a little rough. Regardless of what Ben calls it he is still sensitive enough to bring me flowers home for one of my "rough days"!  Love my husband.

I got shingles a few weeks ago so hopefully that will clear up soon and I also found out that my mom has to have a pretty major surgery. Of course all she is worried about is getting it done and over with so that she can come up here to take care of me when I have the baby.  I have such a sweet mom.  I hand't planned to travel down to Utah again before I had the baby but it appears I'll make it down one more time to take care of my mom.  I'm grateful that my job can go with me where ever I go and that I can easily go take care of her.

We continue to work on our house.  I'm pretty sure that deciding what colors to paint is what caused my shingles, I've heard they come on by stress and well the paint colors have caused me a TON or stress.  I think we have finally figured it all out.  We tried red and blue but after walking into the house after we had painted it I felt like I was in Ronald McDonald's house (not sure why) so we tried a light brown/tan and red and I felt so much better about that.  Now we just have to paint it all now.

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  1. I love the tan! Great choice Tara, I can't wait to see it in person. And way to go with the flowers and painting Ben!